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Towards an extension of containment in Morocco

Renewed already twice in a row, the state of health emergency and the containment should not be lifted on June 10, 2020 in Morocco. They will be extended a third time.

This extension of the deadlines is justified by an epidemic situation not yet under control with companies which are not yet in a hurry to have all their staff dismissed.

The third extension will be officially announced by the head of government on Wednesday, June 10, coinciding with the end of the third state of emergency. According to the same source, the extension of the state of health emergency will be taken by a decree of the head of government. It should be extended until “the end of June and may extend beyond, depending on the evolution of the epidemic situation”.

If several people are reluctant to go to a second stage of extension, it is important to know that European countries have renewed the state of emergency and containment several times before proceeding to the stage of deconfinement.

“We do not want to lose the benefits obtained so far in the fight against Covid-19, because the six indicators, including those of lethality, contamination and resuscitation, are currently all green”, underlined a government source. Several private companies also refuse to subject their staff to screening tests. They wonder about the party who should invoice these tests.

In addition, the national solidarity which prevailed during this crisis and which made it possible to achieve a feat hailed by the sub-regional, continental and global community should be in order to pass the course of the post-covid period and allow the national economy to revive.

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