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Traffic accidents: 22 dead and 1,575 wounded within a week

22 people were killed and 1575 others injured, 76 seriously, in 1,161 urban traffic accidents during the week of January 21-27.

DGSN attributed the lack of respect to the right of precedence, excessive speed, lack of attention, changing the direction without reference, disrespect for the standing place, and the lack of control, changing the unauthorized trend, walking the left of the road, faulty bypass, drunk driving, walking in the forbidden direction, and disrespecting the stand imposed by the red sign light. As for the surveillance and eviction in the field of traffic and the Golan, the same source pointed out that the security services were able to record 37 thousand and 137 violations, and completed 11 thousand and 184 minutes referred to the Public Prosecution, and extracted 25 thousand and 953 fine.

The total amount of vehicles collected in the municipal reserve was 4736 vehicles, the number of documents withdrawn was 6294, and the number of vehicles that had been arrested was 154 vehicles.

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