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Traffic accidents in the cities: 32 dead and 1887 injured in a week

32 people were killed and 1,887 others injured, 78 of them seriously, in 1,471 traffic accidents in urban areas during the week of 17 to 23 December 2018.

He attributed the lack of respect to the right of precedence, excessive speed, the lack of attention of the two men, changing the direction without reference, the lack of control, changing the unauthorized trend, and not respecting the standing position with a “stop” sign, drunk driving, walking in the forbidden direction, disrespect for standing by red sign, walking to the left of the road, and faulty transgression.

As for the surveillance and eviction in the field of traffic and the Golan, the same source pointed out that the security services were able to record 36 thousand and 136 violations, and completed 12,049 documents referred to the Public Prosecution, and extracted 24 thousand and 87 fine.

The total amount of vehicles collected was 5,559 vehicles, the number of documents withdrawn was 6559, and the number of vehicles that had been arrested was 131 vehicles.

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