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Travel Daily News: Morocco tops world safe tourist destinations

Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and containment measures, and its revival will be one of the major challenges for several countries. The aim will be to attract more tourists, whose biggest concern will be health security.

It will therefore be for professionals in the sector to achieve the right mix with attractive offers that combine both entertainment and prevention.

In this sense, the specialized magazine “Travel Daily News”, placed the Kingdom at the top of the world safe tourist destinations to go on vacation at the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an article devoted to post-covid holiday destinations, the publication notes, under the heading “where to go on vacation after the pandemic”, that Morocco is a tourist destination of choice, rich and diversified, which is full of countless assets natural.

Quoting in particular the “magnificent” coasts of the Kingdom, its mountains which reveal attractive landscapes and its sand dunes, the author of the article also recalls “the historic sites as well as the sumptuous landscapes of the Atlas or Rif mountains, a favorite destination for lovers of mountain tourism and nature lovers”.

Thanks to its various assets, adds the magazine, “the Kingdom presents a diversified tourist offer which encourages visitors to take advantage of paradisiacal beaches citing in particular the beaches and surf sports in Essaouira, and to admire the magic of the places and the splendor of the landscapes, especially sand dunes or camel treks”.

The author of the article also evokes “the beauty of the city of Marrakech and its essential medina, or the city of Casablanca, which was the scene of the filming of several Hollywood productions and which shelters the mosque Hassan II, jewel of the architecture, or the medina of Fez, where visitors can admire the architecture and the doors of finely carved houses”.

Not content to praise the destination Morocco and its many sites not to be missed, the publication goes so far as to recommend some.

Among the fabulous tourist sites that Morocco conceals, writes the author of the article, it is worth mentioning the Ouzoud waterfalls, the second highest waterfall in Africa and one of the sites that tourists from all over the world would like to visit, as well as the cave of Hercules at Cap Spartel, a site particularly popular with tourists.

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