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Trump’s wife for a child: “Santa Claus” is in Morocco

Melanie Trump, the first lady at the White House, said in response to questions from a US Christmas boy that Pope Noel was in the desert, and then added, minutes later, that she was in a place “very far away: in Morocco” “It will be the birthday of the child’s home.”

The answer, according to the Associated Press, in the context of the receipt of Donald Trump, President of the United States, and THE FIRST LADY, the first lady, calls for children eager to know where the Pope Noel on his trip, before attending the decrees on the eve of Christmas at Washington National Cathedral.

The American media quoted the controversy raised by the American president when he expressed his surprise that an American child still believed in the existence of Pope Noel, even at the age of seven, during his conversation with him.

The annual search for “Santa” became a tradition every Christmas Eve, after an American child accidentally contacted the North American Aerospace Defense Commander in 1955, asking him to enable him to talk to Santa Claus.

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