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Turkey calls for economic partnership with Morocco

Turkey’s Grand National Assembly President Mustafa Sentop has called for the establishment of an economic partnership that matches the historic relations between his country and Morocco.

In an interview Wednesday with the Speaker of the House of Councilors, Hakim Benchamach, the president of the Turkish National Assembly noted that the bilateral free trade agreement encourages to take advantage of the potentialities and resources available to both country.

Mr. Sentop emphasized the deep ties between the two countries and the two peoples, declaring himself appreciative of the level of development experienced by Morocco, “a country playing an important role in North Africa, the Islamic world and the basin Mediterranean,” says a statement from the chamber.

He welcomed Mr. Benchamach’s initiative to launch a Moroccan-Turkish parliamentary forum as a framework for strengthening joint parliamentary action, exchanging and sharing experiences.

The Turkish official also praised Morocco’s support for the just causes of his country, stressing that Turkey can not tolerate in any way that a party carries out in its territory activities hostile to Morocco’s best interests.

On the question of the Moroccan sahara, Mr Sentop reiterated his country’s support for the efforts of the Kingdom and the UN to find a definitive settlement to this conflict.

For his part, Benchamach praised the quality of the strong ties binding the two countries, expressing the hope that this visit will give new impetus to the process of strengthening Moroccan-Turkish relations.

The chairman of the Chamber of Advisers called on Turkish investors to exploit the geostrategic position of the two countries in order to enhance cooperation relations at the level of exemplary strategic partnership.

In this wake, Mr Benchamach proposed the launch of a parliamentary forum, as a framework for permanent dialogue and space for joint action and mechanism to consolidate the relations between Morocco and Turkey facing the new generation of challenges. safe, economical and ecological orders.

The meeting took place on the occasion of the 24th Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

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