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Turkey will repress thousands of Moroccans in 2020

Turkey has recently become a favorite destination for thousands of young Moroccans. As soon as they arrive, they rush to find work and stay in Turkey, and particularly in Istanbul, adopting a renewable one-year residence permit. Something that the new law will no longer allow in 2020.

The Turkish Immigration Directorate has resolved the controversy surrounding the issue of the renewal of the tourist residence and the conditions that must be met from the beginning of 2020.

“In accordance with Law No. 6458, if there are no justified reasons for staying for specific purposes, Moroccans will no longer have a residence permit for a period of one year. As of January 1, 2020, requests for obtaining and extending the residence permit for the same purpose will no longer be available,” announces the Immigration Department on its official website.

The deputy director general of the Turkish immigration service, Kuchah Aok, announced to the Turkish news agency that this decision does not include the Syrian, Egyptian, Libyan and Sudanese nationalities. That relating to other nationalities is governed by the rule of foreigners. Kuchah added that if the stay of a Moroccan exceeds 90 days, the latter will be expelled from the country.

In Turkey, a broad debate was held on the suspension of the immigration service to renew tourist residences for Arabs, including a large number of Moroccans, residing in the country without valid reasons.

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