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Turkish Airlines to conquer Marrakech

Good news for tourism and for Moroccans wishing to visit Turkey! The Turkish Airlines group has just launched an Istanbul-Marrakech link for five frequencies per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The company, already present on the Casablanca-Istanbul route, is determined to develop this new line to reach 7 flights per week by 2020. A challenge that the Turkish company takes on the destination.

The goal is not only to transport Moroccans and Turks to the destination, but to bring more and more people from all over the world to international destinations via the Istanbul hub. Thus, the company targets, among other things, new issuing markets such as Russia, China and the Middle East that Marrakech intends to conquer.

“With Istanbul Airport, a new era has begun in global aviation and an important opportunity to further improve the performance of our flight network globally. So we are working on new strategies to take advantage of this opportunity. Marrakesh will always occupy a special place for us because it is the first destination we have added from our new hub, Istanbul Airport,” says Ahmet Olmuştur, Turkish Airlines Marketing Director. Marrakech becomes the 56th destination of the Turkish company in Africa with a network on the continent that surpasses all other airlines, rejoices Olmuştur.

In the space of 5 years, the Turkish company has tripled its network on the continent with 56 destinations out of the 308 it serves worldwide in 124 countries. Note that from Morocco, air traffic with Turkey has experienced an extraordinary leap in 10 years. It has grown from 95,000 passengers in 2008 to 400,000 in 2018.

Abroad, Turkey remains the favorite destination of Moroccans with trips purchased on the internet and from travel agencies. The absence of a visa and the exoticism of the country are important. With this new link, the traffic will certainly not be in one direction. Marrakech is a fascinating destination according to many tourists for its unique atmosphere.

Proof of this is the airlines that are courting Marrakech Menara airport and announce new routes or the strengthening of existing. When we know that the air is the sinews of the war, the opening of new services allows to further develop the destination Morocco. More than 30 new flights have been announced in 2019. That’s a total of 496 weekly flights connecting the city to all the world’s airports.

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