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Two Migrant Babies Die in Boat Crossing from Morocco to Spain

More 100 undocumented migrants landed in southern Spain by boats from Morocco on Sunday, December 23, except for two babies who were thrown into the sea after they died during the journey.

Spanish news agency EFE reported yesterday that a Spanish rescue team rescued 138 migrants who arrived on four boats to the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain from Morocco on Sunday morning.

Among the migrants were 23 people were from Maghreb countries, including Morocco.

Some 69 migrants, including four women, were aboard the boat on which the babies died. When questioned, the migrants said that no other people had died but the two babies.

By November, as many as 631 African migrants had died this year while trying to cross to Spain, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

About 120 migrants from Africa arrived in Spain daily in the same month.

IOM has reported that 2,075 people from Africa and the Middle East have drowned in the sea in 2018, whereas 104,506 migrants have arrived by sea in Europe as of November.

In the first nine months of 2018, 13 percent of the undocumented migrants who attempted to reach Europe tried to cross the Mediterranean or Atlantic from Morocco. In the same period, 7,100 Moroccans attempted to cross to Spain, according to official Spanish sources.

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