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UN: INCB hails Morocco’s efforts against drug trafficking

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), a United Nations body, welcomed in its annual report 2018, presented Thursday in Rabat, Morocco’s efforts in the fight against drug trafficking.

The report, which formulates flagship recommendations for the control and legalization of cannabis, highlights among other things the exceptional seizure in Morocco of 541 kg of cocaine in February 2018, discovered inside a container in the port of Casablanca.

Regarding the other cocaine seizures made in 2017, the Kingdom made the largest seizures in Africa, with 2.8 tons in total, the document said, noting that the Moroccan authorities claimed to have seized nearly 550,000 tablets of cocaine. ecstasy from Europe.

According to the document, cannabis is the narcotics most widely seized by the African law enforcement agencies. In 2017, Morocco reported having seized the largest quantities: more than 117 tons of resin and 283 tons of grass.

On this occasion, INCB Vice-President Jalal Toufiq stressed the need to continue prevention and promote the fight against drug trafficking, to raise awareness of the dangers of narcotics, noting that “Morocco is exposed to in transit but also is a destination country of cocaine trafficking destination”.

This report also outlines the risks of the medical and scientific use of cannabis and cannabinoids and the implications of their “recreational” use. It notes that poorly regulated cannabis programs, when not conducted in accordance with the drug control conventions, can lead to diversion of the drug for non-medical purposes and harm public health.

In its recommendations, the body invites governments that have put in place special access systems allowing the medical use of cannabis to put in place measures to ensure that the programs put in place do not serve to legalize the use of cannabis in non-medical use. Governments are also urged to limit indications of medical use of cannabis to conditions for which it is effective, to restrict the use of medicinal cannabinoids, and to control the prescription and use of cannabinoids so as to minimize the risk of diversion and abuse.

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