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UNFPA: Morocco has made significant progress in defending women’s rights

Morocco has made significant progress in the defense of women’s rights and equity, in the areas of gender equality and reduction of maternal mortality, said in Rabat, the resident representative of the Fund of Nations United Nations for Population (UNFPA), Luis Mora. Speaking during the presentation of the report on the state of the world population entitled “My body belongs to me: Claiming the right to autonomy and self-determination”, Mora praised the new Moroccan development model which at the heart of its priorities gender equality and the empowerment of women.

The UNFPA global report for the year 2021 laments that, despite constitutional guarantees, women have only 75% of the legal rights of men around the world, noting that women and girls have often no power to challenge these disparities. Economic marginalization can undermine a woman’s financial independence, reducing her ability to make autonomous decisions in matters of sexuality, health and contraception, noting that the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have not made that worsen the situation of women around the world.

The Resident Coordinator of the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) in Morocco, Sylvia Lopez-Ekra, recalled that “every woman has the right to dispose of her body, to benefit from care and to express or not her desire to maternity”, regretting a sharp increase in sexual and domestic violence, obstacles to health care, unwanted pregnancies, job losses, dropouts and early marriages during the pandemic.

This report, devoted in particular to the achievement of the indicator of the Sustainable Development Goals relating to bodily autonomy and the reproductive rights of women, was focused among other things on the violation of the right of women to fully dispose of their bodies, the lack of bodily autonomy of hundreds of millions of women and girls around the world or the lack of medical care. The report recommends investing in education as well as social norms ensuring gender equality, while emphasizing the importance of the legislative framework and the central role to be played by health professionals in the Health care access.

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