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US House of Representatives shocks the Polisario and Algeria

The draft public expenditure budget for 2019, submitted to the US House of Representatives, included the Moroccan Sahara as part of the financial aid allocated to Morocco.

The US spending budget tends more to maintain traditional US-Moroccan relations, where there is no distinction between Morocco and the Sahara, and provides aid to the Saharian regions as part of the aid to Morocco.

This decision would further anger and alienate the Polisario and Algeria, who were counting on a change in the US position on the issue, which is a new blow, after the separatists and the Bouteflika received the European Parliament’s approval of the agriculture agreement with Morocco.

The effects of this signature are still resonating in the political circles in Tindouf and Alger Palace, where this failure, which put the separatists and the criminals in a narrow corner, has not yet been found, with only the condemnation of the decision and the confusion over the betrayal of the Europeans!

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