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US promotes cooperation with Morocco against Russian and Chinese influence in Africa

For the first time in the United States, the African Working Group on Strategic Dialogue between America and Morocco held a meeting in which it was agreed to enhance cooperation between the two countries in various fields, notably security and counter-terrorism, not to mention the economic and governance aspects of the continent.

According to the US State Department, the meeting, which was held in Washington, defined the agreement to “strengthen cooperation to address the political, economic and security issues facing the continent.”

“Delegations during the meeting discussed new opportunities for possible tripartite cooperation on the continent, including financing for development, trade and youth empowerment,” the State Department said in a statement. “Counter terrorism, capacity-building of security agencies in the region and strengthening governance.”

“It is important to note that the main determinant of the US-Morocco relationship is the Pentagon, which has assessments of the geo-strategic nature of Morocco’s regional role in North Africa and the Mediterranean region, and inside,” said the president of the Atlantic Center for Strategic Studies and Security Analysis.

He addedd in a statement that “it is noted today that the US keenness on the lack of Russian influence to the Atlantic Ocean and its control of the Chinese deployment in North and West Africa and the new strategy of the International Alliance against terrorism based on the distribution of regional roles Geo-security, Regional strategy of Morocco in the US strategy in these three geographical regions: North Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, and West Africa.”

“We note these Moroccan-American diplomatic meetings in recent months and seem to redefine the principles of Moroccan-American cooperation on the African continent, especially after recent developments in the north and west of the continent as a result of the increasing influence of Russia and China in these vital African regions,” he said.

“US is drawing its strategic direction with Morocco, which is monitoring the Russian action in the Maghreb and monitoring the ongoing conflict on Libyan territory between France and Italy,” he said. “It is also reshaping its relations with the traditional ally of Morocco. It is reshaping these trends as it waged an economic and trade war with China, which has a foothold in North and West Africa.”

The president concluded that “all these data indicate a great strategic convergence in the Moroccan-American relations during President Trump. The Americans are well aware that Morocco has developed a foreign policy that would influence the files of Arab, Middle and African, and that it has become a regional force in the Arab world and Africa would Influence in their surroundings”.

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