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USA: Gad El Maleh receives Reward for “American Dream” Show

As every year, the site TheinterroBang rewards the best of American comedy in several categories. This year, the French-Moroccan comedian Gad El Maleh has been awarded the Special Comedy Award in 2018 (Best Comedy Special), for his one-man-show, “American Dream” broadcast on Netflix since March 2018.

Gad El Maleh thus becomes the first international winner nominated for this award.

“This year the competition was fierce. There were 10 great (comedians) special, all very different. And this race has changed hands several times, fans fighting to support their favorites,” says TheinterroBang.

“But in the end, the BEST COMEDY SPECIAL award was not contested, with GAD ELMALEH leading the way for his first NETFLIX, AMERICAN DREAM English Special, making it our first international winner – perfect for 2018”.

The reaction of the humorist was quick, especially via Instagram: “I feel so proud and so grateful. Thank you all for your votes. Thanks to Netflix for believing in this crazy project since the beginning. Thank you Theinterrobang. Gad hurt the Team gadelmalehmania #americandream “.

As a reminder, Gad El Maleh has “plated” France, where he had everything, to embark on the conquest of the United States, the American Dream. The dream is coming true. Hat the artist!

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