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Valyans Consulting joins forces with Julhiet Sterwen

The Moroccan firm joins the international network of management consulting firms and transformation “The Transformation League”, and strengthens its partnership with Julhiet Sterwen.

After 10 years of collaboration to conduct strategic and transformation consulting missions, in Morocco and in sub-Saharan Africa, Valyans Consulting concretizes this relationship of trust through a strategic alliance with Julhiet Sterwen. Indeed, the alliance between the two firms aims to deepen their collaboration both in terms of development and sharing expertise in France and Africa. Valyans Consulting will bring expertise in the field of corporate strategy, public strategies, business intelligence and corporate finance, while Julhiet Sterwen’s contribution will focus on innovation, digital, human, as well as his expertise in the banking and financial sector.

At the same time, Valyans Consulting joins the international network of independent transformation consulting firms “The Transformation League”, created in 2016 by Julhiet Sterwen. “Julhiet Sterwen and Valyans share many similarities, such as seamless commitment to customers, human beliefs, independence and respective sizes, both significant in our markets and agile, ensuring responsiveness. that customers are waiting. Our two firms are growing and our alliance allows us to see even more,” says Saadia Slaoui Bennani, President and CEO of Valyans Consulting.

The two firms aim, in particular, to support companies in improving their competitiveness by aligning their strategy, business model and customer relationship model, as well as their internal transformation through the adoption of the vision, the organization and operational efficiency in management methods, working modes and environments, skills or commitment. “Thanks to Valyans, which has already achieved more than half of its sales in sub-Saharan Africa, this alliance opens up opportunities for development in this geographical area, which is, as everyone knows, the future of global growth,”adds Marc Sabatier, president of Julhiet Sterwen

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