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Venezuela wants to restore relations with The Kingdom

The Venezuelan government, led by interim President Juan Guaido, will work to restore diplomatic relations with Morocco, suspended under the regime of Nicolas Maduro, assured Manuel Avendano, foreign affairs advisor of the Assembly, in Caracas on Monday. Venezuelan National Assembly (Parliament), the only body controlled by the opposition.

“We want to restore our relations with the Kingdom of Morocco,” Avendano said in a statement, adding that the desire to “restore and deepen” relations between Caracas and Rabat is driven by common denominators and exchanges both countries in the past.

“The position of the regime of Nicolas Maduro concerning the Kingdom of Morocco has not been beneficial for both countries. There have been actions and rhetoric that have moved the two countries apart,” said the expert, who holds an MBA from San Pablo Ceu University in Spain.

“This will change under the Guaido government,” promised Avendano, noting that his country wants to turn the page of twenty years of “chavism” and “madurism” to adopt its own positions on diplomatic issues.

And Avendano to emphasize the importance of restoring relations with Morocco because “we had cultural and economic exchanges that we want to grow,” adding that the government led by the President of the National Assembly wishes to have relations “open” and “extended” with the Kingdom.

“Our prime objective is to re-establish relations with Morocco,” he insisted, underlining that Mr. Guaido’s government wants to “repair the damage suffered” by bilateral relations in order to further develop them for the sake of peoples of both countries.

With regard to the national question, Avendano, a member of the Voluntad Popular party, from which the acting president comes, said that the Guaido government will support the political process led by the United Nations to reach a peaceful solution and mutually acceptable to this regional dispute.

“On the issue of the Sahara, we want to support the process of settling this regional dispute within the framework of the United Nations,” he said, pleading for “a peaceful and acceptable solution to this conflict.”

Looking back on the current situation in his country, Avendano noted that Guaido has been recognized as a legitimate interim president by much of the international community, unlike Maduro, who is trying to usurp and stay in power.

“On January 10, Maduro tried to stay in power and start a new term of office after unrecognized elections,” he recalled, referring to the events that led to the self-proclamation. Juan Guaido as acting president of the country, under the Constitution.

“At the diplomatic level we are seeking more support, but unlike the Maduro regime, we are doing so under the Venezuelan constitution,” added the advisor.

International recognition is important to promote the return of democracy to Venezuela, said the expert in international relations, adding that the Guaido government wants “to obtain recognition of the Kingdom of Morocco.”

Regarding the Guaido government’s aspirations for Venezuela, Avendano said that “Venezuelans want to rebuild their country,” adding, “We had a 20-year nightmare. Chavismo is a lie”.

“Venezuela wants to open up to all countries in the world, restore the constitutional system and restore the law,” he concluded.

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