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Veterinary services of ONSSA eliminate foot-and-mouth disease

The veterinary services of the National Office of Health Safety of Food Products have eliminated the six foot-and-mouth outbreaks detected in cattle since January 7 as part of efforts to control the foot-and-mouth disease.

According to a report to the National Office of Health Safety, Daily Morocco obtained a copy of it in four districts in the regions of Faqih BenSalih, Khouribga, and in the province of Sidi Bennour, in addition to an isolated estate in the province of Tangier, stating that his interests are keen to follow the health situation of the national flock and implement all preventive health measures in a timely manner in coordination with local authorities.

These measures include the destruction of infected cows and the destruction of other sensitive animals (sheep and goats) in the affected areas, as well as the cleaning and disinfection of mumps, as well as biosafety measures for the entry and exit of persons and equipment from the affected land, in the affected areas and at the national level, and vaccinate cows around the affected areas.

In parallel with these preventive measures, the Office has launched a national campaign to vaccinate cows as early as the first phase of the affected border areas and regions, which is currently being circulated to vaccinate the national herd population.

The National Office for Health Safety of Food Products announced that it would compensate the educators concerned in accordance with the laws in force in this area.

The Office added that in order to protect the national herd, since 2014 regular campaigns have been organized for the vaccination of cattle against foot-and-mouth disease, which has contributed to the strengthening of the herd cattle, and foot-and-mouth disease is a disease of the virus and not transmitted to humans and is intended for animals Especially cows.

Thanks to the strategy adopted to combat the disease, our country has an official FMD surveillance program approved by the World Organization for Animal Health.

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