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Video surveillance: Sphinx Electric has ambitions for the Moroccan market

Sphinx Electric displays its ambitions to shake up the CCTV system in Morocco. Founded 15 years ago, the company now has around 300 employees, including some 50 qualified engineers and technicians. “We have exported our know-how based on digital security systems to five continents including Honduras, Qatar, Turkey, Syria, Algeria, Mauritania and Niger,” said Abdulali Hachim, CEO of the Moroccan SME.

According to him, “his company deploys its skills and know-how in various sectors of activity including chemistry, parachemistry, cement, mining, infrastructure and water by capturing the best global practices and by rubbing shoulders with the most major contractors in the field of process line construction”. In this sense, the industrial development program set up by the OCP Group in 2009 has enabled Sphinx Electric to develop a great reputation and position itself as the first choice for the group in Morocco and internationally. Digitalization of industrial processes, Smart cities, urban safety, are the new development axes of this SME.

“We are also working on strengthening the video surveillance of Moroccan cities where we have just won major contracts,” says the management of the company. And to add: “our goal is to position ourselves in high added value markets such as city security, security of sensitive sites, digitalization of industrial processes and maintenance”.

To achieve this, the strengthening of the export organization to meet the strong demand of partners, the development of regional structures for greater proximity with major contractors, are being installed.

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