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Visually-impaired people threaten collective suicide

It’s cold in the back!

On Tuesday, February 26, the National Coordination of Unemployed and Visually Impaired Graduates announced that it is organizing … “A collective sacrifice”, for the sake of future generations, since they had almost nothing. This will take place according to a message of coordination in the coming days. A member of this coordination has already committed suicide a few weeks ago …

In a message dated February 26, to the attention of politicians and government officials as well as the media and generally to all Moroccans, the National Coordination of unemployed graduates visually impaired and blind said to have made a decision in “his soul and conscience”, that of organizing a collective suicide very soon.

“We hope that this will serve the cause of future generations in this category and will be the reason for the improvement of their living conditions in this country,” says the Coordination. Unemployed graduates with low vision or blindness would have been marginalized for a long time: “The Moroccan government has not kept its promises to us since the beginning of its mandate. He does not seek to find real solutions”.

The Coordination clearly explains all that it has undertaken and all the failures it has had as results: “We have exhausted all our attempts at diplomacy, militancy and escalation for years to sensitize the leaders on our legitimate issue”. It recalls the sit-in on the roof of the Ministry of Solidarity “in which died the martyr Saber El Haloui in search of a dignified life”.

The Coordination even asks Moroccans to “pray for the repose of their souls”.

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