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Vocational training: A roadmap to meet the real needs of the market

The Roadmap for the Development of Vocational Training and the Creation of “Cités des Métiers et Compétences”, presented to King Mohammed VI, aims to meet the real needs of the market, said the Director General of the Institute Automotive Industry Training Program (IFMIA), Jamal-Eddine Zerkti.

Such an initiative will help to orient young graduates in an optimal way, especially since it allows to set up structures favorable to their socio-professional development, he explained in a statement.

In this context, the head of IFMIA felt that any approach likely to involve the players in the various sectors of activity, like the automobile sector, will not fail to bring satisfactory results. Addressing the “undeniable” strengths of the “Cités des Métiers et Compétences”, Zerkti emphasized the potential offered by this innovative project to support and motivate young people by providing them with food and beverage services. sport, with a view to promoting an atmosphere conducive to professional development.

The road map, he noted, places particular emphasis on language development and learning in view of the deficit in foreign language proficiency. All regions of the Kingdom will have “Cités des Métiers et Compétences”, which will focus on training that meets the specificities and potential of each region.

The timetable for the Vocational Training Roadmap calls for the construction of these cities to be launched in January 2020, so that the gradual opening of these new structures can begin in September 2021 and continue in the following year. With a tripartite Board of Trustees, involving the Professionals, the Region and the State, these cities will require an investment of MAD 3.6 billion.

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