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Waiting at the Marrakesh airport angers travelers and professionals

The waiting time at Menara airport in Marrakech, which may reach up to three hours, has raised the resentment of the incoming travelers to the Red City and the professionals of the tourist and tourist transport sector, who expressed their resentment by organizing protest forms in this regard.

In this context, the Menara branch of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights sent the Minister of the Interior, the Director General of the National Bureau of Airports, the Governor of the State of Marrakesh Safi, the Director of Marrakesh Airport and the security forces in Marrakesh, to intervene to stop the length of waiting for the passengers of the airport to facilitate reception.

The human rights organization explained that the reasons for the length of the waiting period are due to the slow administrative procedures, especially the security inspection, the limited number of windows dedicated to this, and the adoption of traditional procedures to verify the identity of incoming travelers, by adopting a personal information card in writing, instead of using modern technologies (Biometric), and that inspection mechanisms are advanced.

The Menara branch of Marrakesh highlighted to the Moroccan Association for Human Rights that the expansion of Menara Airport was not accompanied by raising the capabilities and qualifications of human resources and strengthening the number of its presence, and developing all the mechanisms and simplification of entry and exit regulations, and control according to the standards set without prejudice to the convenience of passengers and their right to travel and enjoy travel without interruption.

Tourism professionals expressed their frustration at the overcrowding among passengers arriving in and departing from Marrakesh, and the waiting time for the Menara airport’s surveillance, by demanding that the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, The Minister of Tourism and the Director of National Security, to consider urgently this problem, which does not suffer from many international airports, which means that there is a solution can be adopted to achieve the smooth inspections and control and accelerate, noting that a previous investigation ranked Menara airport as worst of the world.

On Thursday, the professionals of the tourist transport in Marrakesh organized a protest that blocked traffic on the road leading to and around Menara airport to demand adequate human resources, improve its working conditions, upgrade its scientific and communication qualifications and modernize the methods of inspection and verification by adopting technical and technological mechanisms Modern custom.

Karim Qasr Lahlou, the head of the Marrakesh-Safi region, recently held a series of meetings in the presence of the various concerned departments. He paid field visits to Marrakesh airport to assess the services provided and ways to develop them, including improved reception procedures. The wait, which is no more than 40 minutes at peak time.

But this pessimism was dashed by a source from the management of Marrakesh airport, stressing that the congestion problem was beginning to find its way to a solution, citing the fact that the waiting period is less than international law requires airports.

The source said that “the problem of the waiting period is due to the security men assigned to the control, because they do not cover all the observation points after the process of expansion of this tourist parameter”.

On the other hand, a security source from the security of Marrakesh, in a statement, denied the observation above, and stressed that this problem is not in the security of Marrakesh, and refused to hold the security men responsible for the delay and long waiting, because “this institution is doing its work and marking the passports at the time Standard “, adding that “the managers of security management at the airport experience in strengthening control points in the peak time and overcrowding”.

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