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Warp Speed: Moncef Slaoui resigns at the request of Joe Biden

Appointed by Donald Trump at the head of operation “Warp Speed” to accelerate the development, manufacture and distribution of vaccines against Covid-19, the Moroccan Moncef Slaoui was invited to resign by the team of the elected president, Joe Biden.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, chief advisor to Operation Warp Speed ​​launched by Donald Trump’s team, has tendered his resignation at the request of Joe Biden’s new team.

The new president therefore preferred to appoint a new team. His contract for this mission still includes a 30-day notice, during which Moncef Slaoui will help the new advisers (whose names have not been revealed), to take up the torch.

Moncef Slaoui had been strongly criticized after his appointment by Donald Trump. Responding to Elizabeth Warren, the Moroccan researcher claimed to be “a Democrat”, but “did not hesitate to take on this role, because this pandemic is bigger than any of us”.

As a reminder, if there is one area in which Moncef Slaoui is recognized worldwide, it is that of vaccine development. At GSK, he had overseen the development of numerous vaccines, including Cervarix which prevents cervical cancer, Rotarix which prevents gastroenteritis in children and an Ebola vaccine. He also succeeded in producing a vaccine against malaria, Mosquirix, which was approved by the European Medicines Agency in 2015 and touted as the world’s first. In fact, before being appointed by Trump to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, Slaoui had started to conduct, with Moderna Inc, clinical trials on an anti-covid-19 vaccine.

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