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Washington: This photo has been around the world

She has 24 spring. Her name is Shaymae Ismaa’eel and she is an American citizen of Muslim faith. She works with children with autism as a behavioral therapist.

And to top it off, his posing photo, wearing a smile as beautiful as radiant, in front of a group with acute Islamophobia and, surely incurable, became viral.

This happened last Sunday when she was present at the Convention of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), founded by migrants from South Asia, in 1971 in Montreal. According to its founders, this is an Islamic Study Circle (Halaqa), whose “Sisters Wing”, its women’s wing, was created in 1979.

But back to our beautiful Shaymae, under her veil, this Sunday, April 21st! Islamophobic protesters have been vocal and hateful invectives against participants at the annual ICNA event, which, among other topics, was to pay tribute to the victims of the sad memory shooting of Christchurch, New Zealand. While brandishing placards dealing with the Islam of bloodthirsty and murderous religion, praising “the sacrifice of Jesus for the salvation of humanity,” these rabid Islamophobes promised the fire of Jehovah to Muslims.

Before this surge of hatred, this abject vomiting of fanaticism, the young American Muslim has found a parade of the most unexpected and most admirable. This is posing, smiling, before the anti-Islam group. In several international media reports, Shaymae Ismaa’eel explained that her pose was inspired by the welcome of the first victim, among the 49, of the terrorist attack on the first mosque in Christchurch.

Everyone should remember it. “Welcome, brother!” Were the last words of the old gentleman shot down first by the Australian killer, adept at the idea of ​​the “Big Rally”. And this bright smile against hideous hate, Shaymae dedicates it to all Muslims around the world, especially children, she said, so that they love their religion and defend it by peaceful means.

And this, against and against all detractors of Islam, regardless of their number and belonging, and those who hate or hate him.

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