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Waste recovery: A deposit of 39 million tonnes

Even though they are not yet exploited on a large scale, waste is a gold mine for Morocco. According to a study presented Monday by the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development, the national strategy for reducing and recovering waste provides for a total waste deposit estimated at 39 million tonnes by 2030. This volume is estimated at up 45% from the level recorded in 2015, or 26.8 million tonnes, said the department of Nezha El Ouafi.

The implementation of this strategy will thus help to reduce the cost of environmental degradation related to waste management. This cost would reach MAD 3.7 billion, or 0.4% of GDP, said El Ouafi. It should be noted that the sectors concerned are numerous (plastics from household waste, used batteries, electrical and electronic waste, used oils, used tires, used edible oils, cardboard and construction waste).

On the sidelines of the presentation of the study, the department signed an agreement with the Moroccan Association for the recovery and disposal of industrial waste for the implementation of the ecological recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), particularly the category of computer and telecommunications waste.

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