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What Pope Francis said on his return from Morocco

“My visit to Morocco allowed me to talk about what touches me in the heart: peace, unity, fraternity,” said Pope Francis on his return from Morocco.

Responding to questions from the press in the Papal plane, Pope Francis stressed that this trip gave him the image of a “beautiful flower of coexistence”, calling to persevere on this path and to transcend the difficulties “that exist unfortunately because there are uncompromising groups”.

“In our religion, there is always a fundamentalist group that does not want to move forward, that lives bitter memories of past struggles and that seeks more war and sows fear,” acknowledged Pope Francis, calling for “Sow hope”.

The Sovereign Pontiff emphasized in this context the virtues of dialogue and openness towards the Other that he has seen in the Kingdom.

“We saw in the dialogue with you in Morocco that we need bridges. We feel pain when we see people who prefer to build the walls (…) those who build the walls will end up prisoners of the walls they build. Those who build the bridges are moving forward,” he warned.

“The bridge for human communication is very beautiful and I saw it here in Morocco,” said Pope Francis.

Referring to the Call of Al Quds, Pope Francis asserted that this is “a step forward, not from an authority in Morocco and a Vatican authority, but made by believing brothers who suffer on seeing this city of hope is not yet as universal as we all want.”

“Jews, Muslims and Christians. All we want that. And for that we signed this Call. This desire, more than an agreement, a desire, an appeal to the religious fraternity that is symbolized in this city that is ours,” said the Pope.

Pope Francis also raised the issue of migration and calls for the generosity of Europe.

“I can not accept so much cruelty and drowning in the Mediterranean,” said Pope Francis, noting that “reception, accompaniment and integration remain the key values ​​of the solution to be developed”.

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