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Who is Saint Valentine?

Symbol of love and exchange of gifts and sweet words, February 14th becomes the lovers’ holiday par excellence. An opportunity adopted and popularized in Morocco for years, taking a great cultural and commercial dimension. But why do we make love on this date? Who is Valentine’s Day who embodies love around the world?

According to several books, Saint Valentin refers to an Italian priest, called Valentin de Terni, executed in 270, for having maintained a romantic relationship with the daughter of his jailer. Arrested and imprisoned, for his total refusal to abjure his Christian faith, preserving his mission: that of religiously marry lovers against the will of the Roman emperor, Claude II the Gothic, who wanted to suppress religion and prohibit marriage so to keep the availability of men to go to war.

The fallen priest of his missions and kept in prison, ends up being decapitated, leaving behind him, the miracle of his love, which would have allowed his blind lover to find the sight in his cell.

According to legend, some witnesses say they saw a strong light through the window of his cell, while Julia found the sight and said: “Now I see, I see the world as you have described it!”. The news circulates rapidly, provoking the ire of the emperor who decides to end it definitively with this priest who spreads the love even while being in prison.

Killed on February 14, this date symbolizing the death of Valentine’s Day comes to replace the Lupercales celebrated by ancient Rome from February 13 to 15, in honor of Pan, god of nature and fertility.

Doubts still lurk around the inaccuracy of this legend, referring to an outdated era of history.

In Morocco, this festival celebrated by young people, represents a question mark among older generations. This occasion often described as “Christian holiday”, or “commercial holiday”, is not to the liking of all lovers.

As the 14th of February each year approaches, social networks are overflowing with mocking Valentine’s Day publications, caricaturing the aspect of unnecessary big spending planned for the occasion.

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