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WJP Rule of Law Index 2021: Morocco 90th in the world

In the Global Rule of Law Index for 2021, the American NGO World Justice Project (WJP) ranks Morocco 90th out of 139 countries. It is 5th in the MENA region, behind Tunisia and even Algeria.

The American NGO World Justice Project has published a new update of its global rule of law index for the year 2021. An edition which saw the number of countries increase from 128 to 139. Morocco is there this 90th place year, with an average of 0.49, down from last year. The closer the index is to 1, the more it is a signal that the rule of law is respected.

Established by members of the American Bar Association (ABA) in 2006, the NGO World Justice Project annually measures the level of 139 countries that are giving the rule of law. To this end, it is based on eight criteria: legislative obstacles to the functioning of the executive, the absence or prevalence of political and judicial corruption, the concept of open government, fundamental rights, maintaining order and security; enforcement of regulations, criminal justice and civil justice.

Thus, concerning legislative obstacles to the functioning of the executive, Morocco goes from 74th place in the world to 75th with an index of 0.51, in stagnation. As for the absence or prevalence of political and judicial corruption, the kingdom is now ranked 89th with a score of 0.42. In Open Government, the country fell from 86th place last year to 97th, with a score of 0.43. This criterion is measured on the basis of access to information, the protection of this right, as well as the effectiveness of the government in widely disseminating its documents and publicizing the laws adopted.

Morocco third in the Maghreb behind Tunisia and Algeria

Morocco continues to lag behind when it comes to the protection of fundamental rights. After being ranked at 93rd place in 2018, 100th place in 2019 and 103rd last year, the kingdom falls again to 110th place, with a score of 0.43 for the current year. This indicator takes into account freedom of expression, protection of privacy, the right to life, personal security, the right of workers, as well as the right to a fair trial.

On the indicator of maintaining order and security, the kingdom comes in 91st place, based on the absence of massive criminal activity and armed conflict between civilians. It is also 58th for regulatory purposes and 69th and 99th respectively for the civil justice and criminal justice indices.

In the MENA region, Morocco also falls to fifth place, after the United Arab Emirates (37th worldwide), Jordan (59th) and Tunisia (65th) and Algeria (82nd). It is ahead of Lebanon (104th), Iran (119th) and Egypt (136th), which for their part come at the back of the pack. As a result, Morocco is ranked third in the Maghreb. Mauritania comes in 133rd place, while Libya is still not in this ranking. Note that all the countries in the region have fallen in this year’s ranking.

In the world, the top 5 does not change much compared to the two previous editions. Thus, Denmark is still in first place in the world, followed by Norway, Finland and Sweden. The Netherlands are however dethroned by Germany, which now occupies 5th place. Cameroon, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia and Venezuela are at the bottom of the list.

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