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World Bank sets priorities for Morocco

The World Bank is working hard in Morocco. Sustainable development, human capital development, mobility, new technologies … the international financial institution is revving up its operations.

This is a new milestone in cooperation between Morocco and the World Bank Group. The international financial institution has just unveiled its new partnership framework with the Kingdom. And, the least we can say is that the World Bank is preparing a new revival of its operations in Morocco.

The new strategic framework that supports the ambitions and actions of the international financial institution for the Kingdom for the next six years (2019-2014) was unveiled during a large-scale meeting held in Rabat on March 14, in the presence from the Minister of General Affairs and Governance, Lahcen Daoudi.

For Marie Françoise Marie-Nelly, Director of World Bank Operations for the Maghreb and Malta, this new country partnership framework aims to support the good momentum that the Kingdom is experiencing on several levels (demographic transition, urbanization, infrastructures …).

Note that the World Bank’s Board of Directors has decided to grant Morocco $ 700 million to accelerate, among other things, the adoption of digital technologies to make them a source of jobs, growth and better services.


It should be noted that the new partnership framework with Morocco focuses on three main pillars. “The first strategic focus should enable the World Bank to help Morocco increase competition and improve the business environment, especially for SMEs. Similarly, all the institutions of the World Bank Group, ie IBRD, IFC and MIGA, will work to optimize the resources available to Morocco for its development by using private financing and also viable solutions. offered by the private sector,” explained Marie Françoise Marie-Nelly.

The second strategic focus is on strengthening the human capital that the international financial institution places special emphasis on. At this level, the focus will be on modernizing social safety nets and improving the performance of the health sector. And in third place, the World Bank’s action will focus on the less developed regions of the Kingdom.

“Good governance, which is central to the effective implementation of the World Bank Group’s support, will be a fundamental component of the three pillars,” said the World Bank’s director of operations for the Maghreb.

For her part, Lahcen Daoudi focused on a few key points. “Pursuing investments for the development of our infrastructure is vital. But do not immediately expect the effects on job creation to be visible. It takes time and, most importantly, a lot of follow up. Until then, the government mobilized its resources only to monitor the progress of some projects. Today, thanks to the tools provided by this new partnership framework, we are able to monitor all the projects launched,” he said.

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