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World healthcare leader NCJ sets up in Morocco

Present on five continents, Nipro Corporation Japan (NCJ) through Nipro Medical Europe (NME) has just set up in Morocco its subsidiary named Nipro Medical Morocco (NMM). A new opportunity has thus been created in the area of ​​health and employment.

Intervening in the fields of Cardiology, Nephrology, Endocrinology and pharmapackaging, Nipro Corporation Japan, headquartered in Osaka, is one of the world leaders in medical devices and manufactured drugs since 1954. Through the parent company for the Europe and Africa (NME) located in Mechelen in Belgium, the Moroccan subsidiary was launched in November 2020, with import distribution operations.

The Japanese company aims to support the Moroccan dialysis market, with the complete renal range of superior quality and world-renowned in equipment and consumables, from its logistics platform in Casablanca and Belgium. Nipro Medical Morroco also plans to recruit several engineers, managers, nurses and specialized technicians, to cover the entire national territory.

In 2019, NCJ generated aggregate revenue of over $ 4 billion.

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