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YouTube, leader of social media in Morocco

YouTube is the leader of social media in Morocco, where the Internet penetration rate reached 84.1% of the total population at the beginning of 2022. This is indicated by data from Google recorded in the Data report.

With 21.40 million users at the start of 2022, YouTube is the leading social media in Morocco, ahead of the Meta platform, Facebook, (2nd, with 18.95 million users). Next comes Instagram, also a platform owned by Meta, (3rd, with 9.3 million users). The video-sharing platform TikTok is in fourth position with 5.97 million users ahead of Snapchat (5th, with 5.50 million users) and LinkedIn (6th, with 3.5 million users). Twitter closes the step of the podium. It has 2.85 million users in Morocco.

According to the Data report, 23.80 million Moroccans, equivalent to 63.4% of the country’s official population, have accounts on social networks. This is linked to an annual increase of 1.8 million social media users in the kingdom. The significant increase in Internet penetration in Morocco in 2020 and 2021 is explained by several factors, including distance learning, confinement and working from home. Of Morocco’s 37.56 million inhabitants, 31.59 million were connected to the Internet in January 2022, an increase of 1.2% year-on-year, the report said.

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