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Zaki named best African goalkeeper of all time

Former legendary Atlas Lions goalkeeper Badou Zaki has been voted the best African goalkeeper in history, according to a poll conducted on Twitter on Wednesday by the French-speaking FIFA World Cup 2020 account among Internet users.

Zaki was preferred to Cameroonians Joseph-Antoine Bell, and Rhomas Nkono and to Egyptian Essam El Hadary. He obtained 31% of the votes against 28% for El Hadary, the latter is closely followed by Belle (25%). Nkono came in 4th position with 15% of the votes.

“It was tight until the end but it was Badou Zaki who won,” reads the Twitter page of the 2020 World Cup.

Some 416 Internet users participated in this survey. It was a question of answering the question “Quite a few names are on offer and some come back a lot more than others. So: Who do you think is the best African goalkeeper in history?”.

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