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Zefzafi’s gesture towards an old lady

Nasser Zefzafi has still been talked about, but positively this time. Bouchra Rouissi, a member of Hirak’s detainees defense committee, told an anecdote on his Facebook page: Zefzafi’s “human” gesture to a vigilante lady.

When he was transferred to the hospital to do medical exams, the security elements that accompanied him asked several patients to leave the room, including an old lady. Zefzafi did not share the same opinion and asked that the latter receive his care before him, says Rouissi.

And to continue: “The guards refused his request, while ordering the day before the lady to leave the room. Nasser Zefzafi strongly opposed this and preferred to drop everything and return to prison, rather than pass in front of the old lady. The authorities finally yielded, says Bouchra Rouissi.

Recall that Nasser Zefzafi tried Saturday to “stir up trouble and anarchy” by conduct contrary to the law, according to a statement from the DGAPR (delegation of prisons in the Kingdom). Ahmed, the leader of Hirak’s father, said his son had pain in his leg this day before he had partial paralysis. The administration of Oukacha was quick to deny these statements of the father.

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