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Zenata Eco-city: The first housing soon commercialized

The first housing units in the residential area of ​​the Zenata Eco-City will be marketed in June 2019 by the real estate group Mfadel.

Pioneer of real estate investment in the north of Casablanca, the Mfadel group has designed an innovative real estate project in the heart of the Zenata eco-city. This partnership between the Zenata Development Company and the Mfadel group therefore signs the start of real estate developments at the Eco-City of Zenata and announces a series of several other real estate projects in the city.

Covering an area of ​​70 hectares, the first residential area of ​​the Eco-City of Zenata is located just 400 meters from the sea. It is organized according to the traditional principles of the Moroccan medinas and offers all the necessary local amenities in terms of education, worship, health, commerce and transportation. The district also offers a pedestrian and cycle circuit promoting a sustainable lifestyle combining efficiency with the pleasure of moving in an attractive public space.

In addition, this first residential area of ​​the Eco-City of Zenata highlights nature and well-being. Thus, it offers to its future residents a central park of 6 hectares composed of more than 1400 trees of 32 species and 1400 palms of 14 species, a large playground for children and adolescents, sports equipment, Multisports grounds, iconic furniture, an elegant promenade, dry fountains and a public square. And that’s not all.

In the immediate vicinity of the sea, it also includes a sports course of more than 5 km linear, for joggers and bicycles (including a BMX course), as well as spaces for climbing games for children and adolescents, 12 sports equipment (outdoor fitness), 7500m² of green space and a central square of 1350 m².

Marketed in June of this year, this first residential area of ​​the Eco-City of Zenata is the perfect alliance between the pleasant living environment, individual and family well-being and the diversity of local services. A neighborhood resolutely designed to ensure the well-being of its inhabitants.

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