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Zidane explains transfer of Hakimi to Inter Milan

Zinedine Zidane expressed Real Madrid’s decision to sell Achraf Hakimi to Inter Milan, focusing on the economic aspect.

“There are two sides to consider: economical and sporty,” said Zinedine Zidane, at the Real Madrid press conference before Los Blancos’ match with Getafe tomorrow night, speaking of the departure of Achraf Hakimi.

The Moroccan international has spent the past two seasons on loan to Borussia Dortmund and has decided to head for Italy, although he has been expected at Casa Blanca this season.

Considered one of the best at his job in Europe, the departure of Achraf Hakimi raises many questions about Real Madrid’s decision to let him go.

Furthermore, this decision has worried some Madrid fans, given its potential and versatility, but Zidane thinks that both parties will benefit from it.

“Hakimi is ours, but anything can happen from now on. He had a good season, but in this club, there are two sides to consider: the economic and sports,” he said before adding:

“I am interested in Achraf’s situation, but it is something the club has to decide. There is a club, a player and a coach involved”.

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