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Zuckerberg rejects calls to dismantle Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday threw out calls to dismantle the social network for breaches of the competition rules, refuting the idea that the company has become too dominant. During a phone call with the press, Zuckerberg rejected recent calls by several candidates for the Democratic primary and a co-founder of Facebook to ask the federal regulator to force the company to part with WhatsApp and Instagram. “I think it goes without saying that we exist in a particularly dynamic and competitive environment where new services are emerging all the time,” Zuckerberg said.

The Facebook CEO called the argument that the company had become too dominant as a “far-fetched” advertising player, noting that the company controls about one fifth of the global advertising market. A few weeks ago, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes called for the dismantling of the social network, blaming Facebook’s monopoly on the market and the unparalleled power of its leader Mark Zuckerberg.

For two years, the scandals are multiplying around the management of Facebook, its practices in terms of privacy protection against data leaks, the slowness of the reaction to the Russian influence, fake news and the spread of violence.

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